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Total Dog! Training Solutions in Nevada

Total Dog! Training Solutions is a professional team of skilled dog trainers around the country, including Las Vegas, Nevada. As dedicated dog experts in Las Vegas, our trainers make it our duty to create and execute custom training programs that fit and address your dog’s unique needs and problems. Whether your dog is barking excessively, pulling on leashes, ignoring home training, having accidents, or behaving aggressively, our experienced dog trainers can help turn things around!

Scientifically Proven Methods with a Unique Approach

Our Las Vegas dog trainers understand that every dog is different and each one has different needs. The core of our methodology relies on scientifically proven methods to empower dogs to become well-behaved with implemented structure while connecting with their unique personality traits. We utilize a wide range of humane training solutions and tools to teach your dog. We are ready and willing to do what is needed to improve your dog’s behavior and enhance your relationship with them as well.
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Our Services

Comprehensive Training

Our dog training packages are custom built to fit your dog and their specific needs. Whether your dog needs behavioral modification or just help adjusting to new environments, our experienced trainers are more than able to provide quality training.
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Grooming Services

As our professional dog groomers upgrade your pet’s personal hygiene and appearance, we make sure to nurture the dog through the grooming process while being as careful with our grooming tools as possible.
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Boarding Services

Our one-stop shop for dog care services features a fully-staffed dog boarding kennel where dogs are properly fed, interacted with, and safely socialized at our Las Vegas dog hotel. Our dog kennel staff members make sure that your dog gets all the fresh air and physical activity that it requires while you enjoy your time out of town.
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Doggy Daycare

Do you work long or irregular hours at work? Our dog daycare services offer Las Vegas workers the chance to subsidize their dog’s daily amount of physical activity and time socializing with other dogs.
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Why Choose Us?

Total Dog! Las Vegas provides quality dog care services to each and every one of our customers and furry friends.
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About Our Las Vegas Team

Our staff has decades of experience working directly with dogs, so they know how to interact with them to bring about the best results. All of our specialists treat the dogs we work with with the ultimate care, knowing that their safety and wellbeing is the highest priority there is. The comprehensive, individualized dog training services our team offers are informed by through assessments of the dogs’ needs. Even our premium dog grooming, boarding, and daycare services are conducted with our customers’ specifications and requests in mind. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be satisfied with our service and we want the dogs to enjoy their time with us.

Justin Kitts

Owner, Total Dog! Vegas
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Melissa Kitts

Co-owner and Executive Assistant
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Tyler (Ty) Staley

Director of Operations
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Brent Olson

Board & Train Director & Professional Dog Trainer
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Matthew Gluyas

Professional Dog Trainer
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Matthew Templet

Professional Dog Trainer
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Jen Johnson

Professional Dog Trainer
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Andy Van Arb

Professional Dog Trainer
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Will Templet

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"This company is amazing! We have a 1 year old Belgian Malinois mix who had severe aggression towards other dogs. We had previous trainers, but there was no sign of improvement until we met with Matt G at Total Dogs. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable, and provided us the necessary tools. Now our dog is happier than ever, obedient, and most importantly playful with other dogs."

Dillan S.

"Total Dog Vegas is amazing. I have tried many different trainers with my dog and they have by far taught him the most in the shortest amount of time. If you are questioning using their services don't hesitate any longer."

Taylor W.

"Sent my dog shadow to the 28 day board and train and it was worth every penny. They kept us updated throughout her training  so we were able to watch her progression through her training. When we got her back the trainers helped show us their techniques on how we can continue her training. The trainers were friendly and made the experience fun and exciting. I would recommend any one looking for a dog trainer to come to total dog."

Kevin S.

"Matt understands the breeds he trains and shared so much of this knowledge with us. My husband and I were able to learn the psychology behind the behaviors which made training sessions simply fascinating. We are so happy we decided to work with Total Dog. Matt has provided us with such an amazing experience and we now feel confident in the tools we were given to use with our dogs now,  as well as our future pups! Thank you Total Dog!"

Brad & Sherri B.

"After a month of a board and train with Total Dog, Paco learned that he could be safe in the world, and begin to trust those around him. They allowed Paco to move past his fearful and aggressive behaviors, and become the incredibly sweet and loving boy he now is. We can’t thank Total Dog enough for truly saving this rescue dog and helping him find his home. Paco and Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League will be forever grateful.  We would strongly recommend Justin and his team to anyone who needs help with their dog. I promise, there is nothing this team can’t help you with."

Christine M.

"Justin and Melissa are two of the most knowledgable dog trainers I have ever met. We have a six year old pit mix who we have put through seven training and trick classes from a chain pet store. I learned more about my dog and how to properly train, communicate and feed her within the first ten minutes of talking with them. True professionals of their craft. I recommend them for anyone in need of a little dog training, discipline or education. Keep up the amazing work guys."

Thomas L.

"Very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. Their interactions with my dog you can see that they truly care. Relaying their knowledge to me in a way I am able to understand and execute, the proper way for my dog to be an obedient boy."

Anna S.